Monday, September 20, 2010

Merlin: Episode 1: The Tears of Uther Pendragon Part 1


My Thoughts:
  •  Morgana Morgana MORGANA!! Why oh WHY must you be evil?? I know it's part of the legend but WHY!!!???? ... though I LOVED all the evil smiles >-)
  •  Very random but here I'll just say it: Merlin's hair cut looks great
  • Arthur and Merlin are STILL calling each other names LOL I just love their relationship, also Merlin comes up with the funniest names, first 'Clotpole' and now 'Dollophead'
  •  One thing I HATE about 2 part episodes is that you have to wait for the next part!! I hate having to wait a week for each episode and the cliff hanger was AMAZING! I loved Merlin being carried off by the Great Dragon... but it didn't look like Merlin did
  • I'm really hoping to see some flashbacks from that year we missed 
  •  A few words on King Cenred: Did anyone else see him in his tight leather outfit and think "GISBORNE!!" ... well I did :( I miss Richard Armitage ... OH And Jonas- going off topic!
  • I LOVED Morgana being all caring to Uther then when everyone left she dropped his hand LOL PERFECT!
  • I soo called Morgana saying 'Because he's already here!' but the delivery was just awesome lol Katie was great, though I did think that Merlin should have talked back to her
  • Morgana and Morgause are great together, though that's another reason I want to see some flashbacks to the year we missed
  • NO ARTHUR GWEN MOMENT!!! WHAT!!!! It was wrong to have NO Arthur and Gwen moment in the first episode
  • ooooooOOooooOOooHHH Poor Arthur!!! He was so overwhelmed!! How Morgana could trick him and hurt him like that is BEYOND me, how could you watch him hold back tears knowing you made him cry :(
  • It's good to see Leon back :)
  • When Merlin found the Mandrake root, I thought it was just a sweet little thing that he was taking care of the King even though it would be easier for him if he were dead
  • The first vision Uther had made me jump! It freaked me out! Though it's cool to see that Igraine is back for something lol
  • I can't get over how awesome Arthur's fighting skills are
  • I love the woods... dumb but true
  • I LOVED the Bucket/Cloth scene LOL Merlin soooo should have seen that coming, Arthur should write a "How to for Dollophead's & Clotpoles" book
  • I will end on this note: I LOVE MERLIN AND ARTHUR they are adorable, can't get enough... I love them equally but those shirtless scenes are always ... wow
All around AWESOME episode to start of season 3, I will try an post my thoughts on part 2 tomorrow but I have school and I'm trying to get my permit so we'll see how that goes, so until then don't be a Clotpole :?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Bones: Episode 22: The Beginning in the End

So late it's not even funny

My Thoughts:
  • lol Booth "Where's my poo poo?" he cracks me up
  • The hoarders apartment was nasty! But that set must have been awesome
  • I loved Cam in this episode, she was the only one actually focusing on the case other then Angela 
  • And I love her and Brennan's relationship, that hug was so sweet 
  •  Poor Booth, he didn't want to go but he knew he had to, and then he didn't want to tell Bones
  • I LOVED Sweets all 'Squinted Up' in his Squint Squad gear lol 
  • Speaking of Sweets, I died laughing at the whole Mr Adventure thing lol and 
  •  Hodgins saying 'I can't be picky in this side kick market' lol he's stuck with Mr. Adventure, his super power is imitating cats
  •  Angela and Temperance's relationship is great too, I love the talk she gave her she's so sweet
  • If I had Angela's dad appearing across the street like that and then in the same creepy hoarders apartment I'd 'Yelp' too
  • Daisy all dressed up like a safari person made me laugh 
  • I felt kinda jipped at the end because Booth didn't kiss Brennan there was a small window of opportunity that he missed
  • I just can't wait for next season, I also love that Jake got that car lol
Until season 6!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Late! :(

Ok I'm sorry I keep falling behind on posting my reviews : / my sister just got back from college for the summer and her dorm exploded into our family room so we've been trying to move it all in to her room upstairs. Coming up I have:

V: Episode 12: Red Sky
The Office: Episode 25: Whistle-blower
Doctor Who: Episode 7: Amy's Choice
Doctor Who: Episode 8: Hungry Earth
Bones: Episode 22: The Beginning in the End


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Office: Episode 24: The Chump

I'm going to keep this one short as I can lol

My Thoughts:
  • LOL JIM AND PAM!!! he he he I LOVED Erin's comment lol 'You shouldn't keep a baby up that late'
  • I loved Dwight 'shooting' Any, Philis and Toby though the necks lol and Andy was so happy about being Bin Laden lol
  • LOL I love Stanley's snide little comments and then Jim's rebuttal LOL 
  • Poor Jim and Pam LOL I loved how they dosed off while Gabe was talking and lol Darell telling them about the place to sleep in the warehouse  
  • Micheal is a pervert but he did the right thing for once lol
  • I loved Ryan's attempt at seizing what he wanted then playing it off as a joke 
  • When Pam was setting up everyone for Micheal's break up then Toby walked in LOL poor Tob
Till next thursday, that's what she said!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

V: Episode 11: Fruition


My Thoughts:
  • Poor Poor Lisa!!! First she was forced to lie to Erica, whom I really think she is started to care about, then when she had the chance to tell the truth she was caught between her evil mother and Erica... :( Not to mention all that physical pain, I must say though that 'V' on her face once a nice touch by the art department.
(Cause that's just how my brain works lol)
  • OK Jack like Erica!! I'm just sayin'!
  • NO HOBBES! You were just getting more awesome! Now you go make a deal with Markus!!!?? You've got the only weapon against the V's!!! So I'm think the reason Kyle Hobbes was framed every time by the V's is because he was hired to kill that one dude but  when the guys background didn't bring anything up he denied the job, leaving Hobbes knowing to much so the V's wanted him gone too... I think...
  • Anna and her creepy evil smiles were EVERYWHERE! Sneering is almost as bad a Leering Anna should have learned that from Stephan on Vampire Diaries...
  • YEA! Josh and Erica met! That was one of those cool little things
  • I love Tyler, I'm so glad that he made up with his mom, even though I thought she should have told him the truth, I also loved the small moment he and Lisa had at the hospital
  • The bliss has always confused me but I sort of get it, when Ryan went to the window I almost screamed "Don't go into the light!!!"
  • Poor Tyler's clueless lol I love him... My friend () and I were talking via twitter and Ravelry and we agreed that Lisa is Tyler's brand of heroin... which led me to make this
  •  I absolutely LOVED that moment at the end were Josh and Lisa looked at each other... Josh is such a cutie
  • Than before that she asked about the eggs... I think Lisa will try to destroy the eggs, and even though I don't want her do die I think she might :( SHE MUST JOIN 5 COLUMN!!
Sorry this was posted a week late I've just been busy lately, summer is my busy time :P anyway I'm still going to post my reviews on The Office and Doctor Who :) so till well tonight really, We are of  Peace Always...


Monday, May 17, 2010


Coming tonight / tomorrow:

V: Episode 11: Fruition
The Office: Episode 13: The Chump
Doctor Who: Episode 7: Amy's Choice

Vampire Diaries: Episode 22: Founder's Day


My Thoughts:
  • I LOVE Damon! I know I said this last week but now I really do... He was good for a change... I hope he stays that way
  • NO Anna can't die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved her!!! And she and Jeremy were meant to get together!
  • I knew Jeremy would take the blood! Personally I could not kill myself after drinking the blood, I'd have to gave Damon snap my neck something fast... I prefer the change in Twilight
  •  HA! I knew Ty was a werewolf! That just proves it!... unless he's a V...
  • LOL Damon was so insistant that he didn't love Elena and then she walks up looking all Kathrieny LOL poor Damon! Then Stephan was saying she's not Kathrien
  • Stephan was all noble and awesome going to save Damon! lol and he stepped in on Damon trying to get Jeremy to be normal, it was all very blood brothers of awesome
  • Bonnie... Bonnie has become a jerk. It must be the Witch DNA making her a witch
  • Caroline better be ok! I love her and Matt, Matt's just so sweet :)
  • OH MY GOSH THE END WAS SO EPIC! (LET ME TURN OF THE CAPS) Elena kissed Damon, got invited in then talked to John then WHAM! Chopped his fingers of and stabbed him!!! IT WAS KATHRINE!!! WHAT!!!????? I knew she's be back in time for the last episode... Then Elena just walked in and I was shouting NOOOOOO!!! Your evil twin will kill you!!!

Yeah so those are my quick thought's about the episode, sorry it took so long I've been busy, next I'll review V then the Office when I get back from my meeting :) Cheers...
More about Vampires in Mystic Falls next Friday…

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bones: Episode 21: The Boy With The Answers

OOoooOO That Grave Digger is EVIL!

My Thoughts:
  • Oh my gosh sooooo many memories were brought back to the surface with this episode, I'm so glad that they gave the 'Grave Digger' story a better end... though I do think we will see her evilness again...
(I apologize for my childish out take on that picture... I just HATE the stupid Grave Digger...)
  • I loved the dream at the beginning it was sooo well done
  • Poor Brennan.... SHE CAN'T LEAVE!!! I felt bad for the whole team, the Grave Digger is the only reoccurring villain to pull the team apart a badly as I've seen... well other than Epps
  • Oh Hodgins!! Why did you keep you and Ange a secret!! YOU GOT FLIPPIN MARRIED! I feel sooo bad for him and Brennan... it didn't seem to phase Booth as much but I believe he's been through worse...
  • I loved the way Max reacted to the Grave Digger lol going to shoot her and then Booth going to beat him up lol

I have a feeling the grave digger will come back ... I can't wait till next week...


My thoughts on V episode 11 will be later tonight I think... having a busy day :/

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Quatermass Experiment

Ok so I've been going through and watching just about EVERYthing with David Tennant lately... I think that's because of Jakie / iheartnovels / jackienovels fault because she kept tweeting about him and Doctor Who (I'm not complaining I really enjoy those tweets :)) So first I watched 'He Knew He Was Right', I will take about that in my next post, and then I watched "The Quatermass Experiment". I've never seen anything filmed in that manner, at first it was quite strange but then it grew on me, I really like the tint they gave the film, that eerie green. 

On a scary scale (10 being the freakiest I've seen and then.) I'd say it was a 2, it wasn't that freaky it was just not knowing what it was that scared me the most and I think that is also what makes some other films scary. I'm not a fan of scary movies at all, I feel no need to freak myself out for fun I like film that have a good plot to them and the scariness is not there on just to scare you but because it's tied to the plot, that's Quatermass was like. My favorite character was (of course) the one played by David Tennant; Doctor Gordon Briscoe

David was just brilliant in the role, I loved the irony of him being a Doctor sort of a foreshadowing of him becoming the Doctor... oh how I miss him in that role... aw well we have the great Matt now... It was also really neat to see him acting next to a fellow Doctor Who actor/writer Mark Gatiss who

wrote Victory of the Daleks and was Lazarus in the episode called The Lazarus Experiment he is another great actor, the entire cast was super. Other then the fact that they used God's name in vain it was a good film, I just see no reason to though that around : / to end on a happy note I loved David in this :) what's not to love about him ;)

Rock the Universe 2009 videos!

YES! These are the two videos I've been trying to upload since 9/11-12/09!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Doctor Who: Episode 6: The Vampires of Venice

OH M GOSH Vampire FISH from outer-space!

My Thoughts:
  • Ohhhh Rory! LOL I LOVE Rory! He's soooo adorable, he's like Mickey but better. I've been wanting more Rory ever since I saw him. The Doctor keeps upping him by one lol Rorys a nurse, the Doctor is the Doctor. Now Rory finally has his girl and then, BAM the Doctor shows up again and takes her in the night lol I can see why at first Rory dislikes the Doctor so much, I mean hey the Doctor ruined his bachelor party...
  • I loved that whole scene lol Rory all in disbelief and the Doctor all decent and then awkward 
  • Matt Smith was a comic genius in that scene lol he had the best timing! LOL I loved how he tried to back track after he said 'You're a lucky man, she's a good kisser.' 
::shakes hand away from paper::
  • The Doctor working on the Tardis was wicked, lol the goggles made him look like a mad scientist
  • Alrighty then, Vampires in Venice! I knew there would be a Doctor Who answer! And the fangs were not vampish, they were like that fish from Finding Nemo
  • He he I loved Rory freaking out about the gun powder

  • I loved that Rory knew exactly what the Tardis was dimension wise, and that threw the Doctor off, "I like it when people say it's bigger on the inside..." Rory's a smart dumby 
  • Rory's shirt was awesomely funny
  • Rory's so head over heals for Amy and Amy's just living in the moment and sort'a taking advantage of 'Her boys' lol even though I'm a big fan of Doctor/Amy I'm a bigger fan of Doctor/Rose and they (Rory and Amy) are adorable together
  • When the Doctor said that he owed Casanova a chicken, now I don't ever see myself watching it because if you know anything about Casanova you'd know he was a womanizer and I really don't watch that kind of thing, but I automatically thought:
  • The broom fight with Rory and Francesco (It was KILLING me I knew I had seen him somewhere but I didn't know were turns out he was Sir William in Merlin s02e02!!) was HYSTERICAL and I loved that kiss Amy gave him after :) so cute
  • Rory and the Doctor had so many funny adorable moments lol I LOVED when the Doctor pulled that Lightsaber of an LED torch out of his jacket LOL Rory was thinking he was all clever bring a tiny flashlight
  • Oh the Doctor was completely Awesome and Adorkable at the same time
  • That last pic leads me to say that the who "Silence Will Fall" and "The Cracks are the end" is going to blow up on him like "Bad Wolf" because he keeps ignoring it, it calls for an AWESOME final episode though!
  • I LOVED the Library card thing LOL he NEVER change the picture lol the picture is Doctor 1! lol I need to go back and watch all the old old episodes
I can no WAIT for next weeks episode!!!! It looks SOOOOOO good! Till next Saturday, think like a Time Lord ;)