Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bones: Episode 20: The Witch in the Wardrobe

This episode really caught me off gaurd

My Thoughts:

Ok Lets deal with what is on my mind the most right now:
  • Ha ha oh my GOSH: they got married!!!!!!! At first I freaked when they kissed I said "YES!!!! They kissed!!!! I love Angela and Hodgins!!! It's about time they got back togeather!" but then- WOW I really did not see that coming even though I should have

I did call Angela not really being her name though lol it's very Angela
  • The funny this is that I was watching the headless witch in the woods and paused it to watch today's episode which also has a witch lol which witch is which... 
  • lol poor Hodgins and Angela! Cam just ditched them.
  • Oh man the wickin stuff was freaky, the shoes curling up was soo cool and Hodgins line was so perfect. I liked seeing Hodge and Ang out with Booth and Bones wa cool to see they are never out in the field I also thought the whole scene in the car was funny, Jack crossing the line for fun lol oh Hodgins 
  • I loved Booth talking to Bones behind that old book and then slamming it on the inerogation table 

  • Wow this is the first time Ive ever see more then three murderers in one episode
All around awesome episode I can't wait to see my sisters reaction to it when she gets back from collage. Until next week!

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