Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bones: Episode 21: The Boy With The Answers

OOoooOO That Grave Digger is EVIL!

My Thoughts:
  • Oh my gosh sooooo many memories were brought back to the surface with this episode, I'm so glad that they gave the 'Grave Digger' story a better end... though I do think we will see her evilness again...
(I apologize for my childish out take on that picture... I just HATE the stupid Grave Digger...)
  • I loved the dream at the beginning it was sooo well done
  • Poor Brennan.... SHE CAN'T LEAVE!!! I felt bad for the whole team, the Grave Digger is the only reoccurring villain to pull the team apart a badly as I've seen... well other than Epps
  • Oh Hodgins!! Why did you keep you and Ange a secret!! YOU GOT FLIPPIN MARRIED! I feel sooo bad for him and Brennan... it didn't seem to phase Booth as much but I believe he's been through worse...
  • I loved the way Max reacted to the Grave Digger lol going to shoot her and then Booth going to beat him up lol

I have a feeling the grave digger will come back ... I can't wait till next week...

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