Sunday, May 9, 2010

Doctor Who: Episode 6: The Vampires of Venice

OH M GOSH Vampire FISH from outer-space!

My Thoughts:
  • Ohhhh Rory! LOL I LOVE Rory! He's soooo adorable, he's like Mickey but better. I've been wanting more Rory ever since I saw him. The Doctor keeps upping him by one lol Rorys a nurse, the Doctor is the Doctor. Now Rory finally has his girl and then, BAM the Doctor shows up again and takes her in the night lol I can see why at first Rory dislikes the Doctor so much, I mean hey the Doctor ruined his bachelor party...
  • I loved that whole scene lol Rory all in disbelief and the Doctor all decent and then awkward 
  • Matt Smith was a comic genius in that scene lol he had the best timing! LOL I loved how he tried to back track after he said 'You're a lucky man, she's a good kisser.' 
::shakes hand away from paper::
  • The Doctor working on the Tardis was wicked, lol the goggles made him look like a mad scientist
  • Alrighty then, Vampires in Venice! I knew there would be a Doctor Who answer! And the fangs were not vampish, they were like that fish from Finding Nemo
  • He he I loved Rory freaking out about the gun powder

  • I loved that Rory knew exactly what the Tardis was dimension wise, and that threw the Doctor off, "I like it when people say it's bigger on the inside..." Rory's a smart dumby 
  • Rory's shirt was awesomely funny
  • Rory's so head over heals for Amy and Amy's just living in the moment and sort'a taking advantage of 'Her boys' lol even though I'm a big fan of Doctor/Amy I'm a bigger fan of Doctor/Rose and they (Rory and Amy) are adorable together
  • When the Doctor said that he owed Casanova a chicken, now I don't ever see myself watching it because if you know anything about Casanova you'd know he was a womanizer and I really don't watch that kind of thing, but I automatically thought:
  • The broom fight with Rory and Francesco (It was KILLING me I knew I had seen him somewhere but I didn't know were turns out he was Sir William in Merlin s02e02!!) was HYSTERICAL and I loved that kiss Amy gave him after :) so cute
  • Rory and the Doctor had so many funny adorable moments lol I LOVED when the Doctor pulled that Lightsaber of an LED torch out of his jacket LOL Rory was thinking he was all clever bring a tiny flashlight
  • Oh the Doctor was completely Awesome and Adorkable at the same time
  • That last pic leads me to say that the who "Silence Will Fall" and "The Cracks are the end" is going to blow up on him like "Bad Wolf" because he keeps ignoring it, it calls for an AWESOME final episode though!
  • I LOVED the Library card thing LOL he NEVER change the picture lol the picture is Doctor 1! lol I need to go back and watch all the old old episodes
I can no WAIT for next weeks episode!!!! It looks SOOOOOO good! Till next Saturday, think like a Time Lord ;)

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