Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Office: Episode 24: The Chump

I'm going to keep this one short as I can lol

My Thoughts:
  • LOL JIM AND PAM!!! he he he I LOVED Erin's comment lol 'You shouldn't keep a baby up that late'
  • I loved Dwight 'shooting' Any, Philis and Toby though the necks lol and Andy was so happy about being Bin Laden lol
  • LOL I love Stanley's snide little comments and then Jim's rebuttal LOL 
  • Poor Jim and Pam LOL I loved how they dosed off while Gabe was talking and lol Darell telling them about the place to sleep in the warehouse  
  • Micheal is a pervert but he did the right thing for once lol
  • I loved Ryan's attempt at seizing what he wanted then playing it off as a joke 
  • When Pam was setting up everyone for Micheal's break up then Toby walked in LOL poor Tob
Till next thursday, that's what she said!

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