Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Office: Episode 23: The Cover Up

LOL ohhh the pranks Jim and Pam pull on Dwight!

My Thoughts:

  • Ha ha ha LOL the morse code this was soooo funny
  • Oh I love PF Chang's lol we are going there for motherday!
  • Dwight being a PI lol who didn't see that coming lol that was so funny
  • Ooh Darell and Andy LOL Making Andy talk REALY high LOL and the printer smoking!?
  • Dwight charging Micheal for the gym membership was AWESOME lol
  • I always love Pam and Jims talking heads lol her talking about heart jewlery then Jim "So you don't like heart jewelry?" then Pam "No... Except for the pendant you got me" then Jims smile lol
  • LOL everyone looking down at Donna & Michel and then jumping to the side or the floor when she looked up LOL
  • Ok I must say this, Dwight is a creep and needs Angela lol
  • Pam calming Micheal down with the baby picture LOL can't wait till CC is older
Till next thursday, that's what she said!

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