Monday, May 10, 2010

The Quatermass Experiment

Ok so I've been going through and watching just about EVERYthing with David Tennant lately... I think that's because of Jakie / iheartnovels / jackienovels fault because she kept tweeting about him and Doctor Who (I'm not complaining I really enjoy those tweets :)) So first I watched 'He Knew He Was Right', I will take about that in my next post, and then I watched "The Quatermass Experiment". I've never seen anything filmed in that manner, at first it was quite strange but then it grew on me, I really like the tint they gave the film, that eerie green. 

On a scary scale (10 being the freakiest I've seen and then.) I'd say it was a 2, it wasn't that freaky it was just not knowing what it was that scared me the most and I think that is also what makes some other films scary. I'm not a fan of scary movies at all, I feel no need to freak myself out for fun I like film that have a good plot to them and the scariness is not there on just to scare you but because it's tied to the plot, that's Quatermass was like. My favorite character was (of course) the one played by David Tennant; Doctor Gordon Briscoe

David was just brilliant in the role, I loved the irony of him being a Doctor sort of a foreshadowing of him becoming the Doctor... oh how I miss him in that role... aw well we have the great Matt now... It was also really neat to see him acting next to a fellow Doctor Who actor/writer Mark Gatiss who

wrote Victory of the Daleks and was Lazarus in the episode called The Lazarus Experiment he is another great actor, the entire cast was super. Other then the fact that they used God's name in vain it was a good film, I just see no reason to though that around : / to end on a happy note I loved David in this :) what's not to love about him ;)

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  1. This is definitely a film more people should see. The work of screenwriter Nigel Kneale is in need of a drastic reappraisal: