Tuesday, May 4, 2010

V: Episode 10: Hearts and Minds

My Thoughts:
  •  Poor Ty and Lisa!! Ok I just wanted to hug Tyler and take him home with me, he's such a sweetie. Poor Lisa is just trying to keep him safe, and she ends up hurting both of them (though her hurt is both physical and emotional). She needs to join the 5th column and soon.
  •  Erica and Jack! Did anyone else notice the few passing glances he gave her??
  •  When they said forensic-anthropologist I all most yelled Bones!!! lol the funny thing is that the other night I was watching my all time favorite episode of Bones (Aliens in the Spaceship [s02e09], how appropriate) and saw Hobbes! And The guy who plays Ryan was in "The Man in the Wall" [s01e06]. I started to look for Agent Booth after I almost yelled that.
  •  The explosion was soooo epic
  • Hobbes is really becoming more awesome, if that's possible lol. I really loved the whole scene before Ryan came in, they were really bonding it was nice to see.
  • Erica interrogating Jack was so good, I loved how fast Jack caught on.
  •  Joshua, I needed more Joshua, but what it lacked of Joshua it made up for with Tyler :)
  • I'm really glad Tyler finally confided in his mom and I'm SOOOO glad he didn't move up on the ship (that that would be a hard offer to resist if you didn't know that the V's were lizards/Vulcan... ooo is that what V stands for??) 
  • Chad is really getting under my skin too. I mean first he starts to catch on and then he foolishly goes straight to Anna and tells here he knows somethings up! That's like going right up to the Mob Boss and saying 'You can't hurt me' then you wake up with a hoses head in your bed as a warning, but instead of a horses head he came out of surgery all brain washed and was all 'I'll do what ever you need'
    • Alright I know I already said this but POOR LISA!! Ouch!! 
      Anyway those are my thoughts so until Thursday when I review Bones and the Office, We are of Peace Always... oh and happy Star Wars Day...

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