Tuesday, May 18, 2010

V: Episode 11: Fruition


My Thoughts:
  • Poor Poor Lisa!!! First she was forced to lie to Erica, whom I really think she is started to care about, then when she had the chance to tell the truth she was caught between her evil mother and Erica... :( Not to mention all that physical pain, I must say though that 'V' on her face once a nice touch by the art department.
(Cause that's just how my brain works lol)
  • OK Jack like Erica!! I'm just sayin'!
  • NO HOBBES! You were just getting more awesome! Now you go make a deal with Markus!!!?? You've got the only weapon against the V's!!! So I'm think the reason Kyle Hobbes was framed every time by the V's is because he was hired to kill that one dude but  when the guys background didn't bring anything up he denied the job, leaving Hobbes knowing to much so the V's wanted him gone too... I think...
  • Anna and her creepy evil smiles were EVERYWHERE! Sneering is almost as bad a Leering Anna should have learned that from Stephan on Vampire Diaries...
  • YEA! Josh and Erica met! That was one of those cool little things
  • I love Tyler, I'm so glad that he made up with his mom, even though I thought she should have told him the truth, I also loved the small moment he and Lisa had at the hospital
  • The bliss has always confused me but I sort of get it, when Ryan went to the window I almost screamed "Don't go into the light!!!"
  • Poor Tyler's clueless lol I love him... My friend () and I were talking via twitter and Ravelry and we agreed that Lisa is Tyler's brand of heroin... which led me to make this
  •  I absolutely LOVED that moment at the end were Josh and Lisa looked at each other... Josh is such a cutie
  • Than before that she asked about the eggs... I think Lisa will try to destroy the eggs, and even though I don't want her do die I think she might :( SHE MUST JOIN 5 COLUMN!!
Sorry this was posted a week late I've just been busy lately, summer is my busy time :P anyway I'm still going to post my reviews on The Office and Doctor Who :) so till well tonight really, We are of  Peace Always...


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