Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vampire Diaries: Episode 21: Isobel

Sorry this one is late, my internet died last night and would let me do anything... but about the episode:


My Thoughts:

  • I really really love who Damon is becoming; I LOVED the fact that he slammed that jerk Isobel into the floor and said ’Don’t mess with Elena’. DAMON IS AWESOME

  • Damon put Isobel and John together EXACTLY when I did, she said he had a crush on her for a while and they dated and I went: NO WAY! It’s him!! lol then Damon’s like “Come on Stephan put it together!” then it clicked for Stephan. Damon is as clever as I am...

  • Ahh the blood brothers of awesome protecting Elena “What made you think I’d come alone?”

  • Ohhhh Jeremy! I love Jeremy! Jeremy is my favorite character, and I love Anna… poor Anna… Did they really have to kill her mom? She should go live with the Salvador’s instead on in Jerm’s bedroom

  • Isobel was a complete jerk throughout the whole episode then you finally see what she was covering up, she knew it was a mistake after she changed. I really like Rick he deserves Jenna not Isobel :)

  • I thought John was just completely self centered, which he is, but apparently he didn't want Jeremy to die, they had a little bonding moment in which I'm sure Mr. Awesome put 2 and 2 together... 

  • NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Stupid witch!! YOU FAKER!!! How could Bonnie do that to Elena!! Damon was right not to trust her…

  • I did love the fact that every guy was trying to lift the trailer off poor Matt and Stephan jumps in and pulls it up lol

  •  Poor Damon! After Isobel said that stupid thing then everyone keep looking a Damon who was all 'What are you looking a me for?'

    • I SOO Called the Ty being a werewolf thing back in episode 3! And then the smokey breath last episode confirmed it

    • The episodes keep getting better and better, Catharine is soooo coming back with a vengeance!

    Every episode leaves me wanting more! More about Vampires in Mystic Falls next Friday…

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