Monday, May 17, 2010

Vampire Diaries: Episode 22: Founder's Day


My Thoughts:
  • I LOVE Damon! I know I said this last week but now I really do... He was good for a change... I hope he stays that way
  • NO Anna can't die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved her!!! And she and Jeremy were meant to get together!
  • I knew Jeremy would take the blood! Personally I could not kill myself after drinking the blood, I'd have to gave Damon snap my neck something fast... I prefer the change in Twilight
  •  HA! I knew Ty was a werewolf! That just proves it!... unless he's a V...
  • LOL Damon was so insistant that he didn't love Elena and then she walks up looking all Kathrieny LOL poor Damon! Then Stephan was saying she's not Kathrien
  • Stephan was all noble and awesome going to save Damon! lol and he stepped in on Damon trying to get Jeremy to be normal, it was all very blood brothers of awesome
  • Bonnie... Bonnie has become a jerk. It must be the Witch DNA making her a witch
  • Caroline better be ok! I love her and Matt, Matt's just so sweet :)
  • OH MY GOSH THE END WAS SO EPIC! (LET ME TURN OF THE CAPS) Elena kissed Damon, got invited in then talked to John then WHAM! Chopped his fingers of and stabbed him!!! IT WAS KATHRINE!!! WHAT!!!????? I knew she's be back in time for the last episode... Then Elena just walked in and I was shouting NOOOOOO!!! Your evil twin will kill you!!!

Yeah so those are my quick thought's about the episode, sorry it took so long I've been busy, next I'll review V then the Office when I get back from my meeting :) Cheers...
More about Vampires in Mystic Falls next Friday…

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