Monday, July 5, 2010

Bones: Episode 22: The Beginning in the End

So late it's not even funny

My Thoughts:
  • lol Booth "Where's my poo poo?" he cracks me up
  • The hoarders apartment was nasty! But that set must have been awesome
  • I loved Cam in this episode, she was the only one actually focusing on the case other then Angela 
  • And I love her and Brennan's relationship, that hug was so sweet 
  •  Poor Booth, he didn't want to go but he knew he had to, and then he didn't want to tell Bones
  • I LOVED Sweets all 'Squinted Up' in his Squint Squad gear lol 
  • Speaking of Sweets, I died laughing at the whole Mr Adventure thing lol and 
  •  Hodgins saying 'I can't be picky in this side kick market' lol he's stuck with Mr. Adventure, his super power is imitating cats
  •  Angela and Temperance's relationship is great too, I love the talk she gave her she's so sweet
  • If I had Angela's dad appearing across the street like that and then in the same creepy hoarders apartment I'd 'Yelp' too
  • Daisy all dressed up like a safari person made me laugh 
  • I felt kinda jipped at the end because Booth didn't kiss Brennan there was a small window of opportunity that he missed
  • I just can't wait for next season, I also love that Jake got that car lol
Until season 6!