Monday, September 20, 2010

Merlin: Episode 1: The Tears of Uther Pendragon Part 1


My Thoughts:
  •  Morgana Morgana MORGANA!! Why oh WHY must you be evil?? I know it's part of the legend but WHY!!!???? ... though I LOVED all the evil smiles >-)
  •  Very random but here I'll just say it: Merlin's hair cut looks great
  • Arthur and Merlin are STILL calling each other names LOL I just love their relationship, also Merlin comes up with the funniest names, first 'Clotpole' and now 'Dollophead'
  •  One thing I HATE about 2 part episodes is that you have to wait for the next part!! I hate having to wait a week for each episode and the cliff hanger was AMAZING! I loved Merlin being carried off by the Great Dragon... but it didn't look like Merlin did
  • I'm really hoping to see some flashbacks from that year we missed 
  •  A few words on King Cenred: Did anyone else see him in his tight leather outfit and think "GISBORNE!!" ... well I did :( I miss Richard Armitage ... OH And Jonas- going off topic!
  • I LOVED Morgana being all caring to Uther then when everyone left she dropped his hand LOL PERFECT!
  • I soo called Morgana saying 'Because he's already here!' but the delivery was just awesome lol Katie was great, though I did think that Merlin should have talked back to her
  • Morgana and Morgause are great together, though that's another reason I want to see some flashbacks to the year we missed
  • NO ARTHUR GWEN MOMENT!!! WHAT!!!! It was wrong to have NO Arthur and Gwen moment in the first episode
  • ooooooOOooooOOooHHH Poor Arthur!!! He was so overwhelmed!! How Morgana could trick him and hurt him like that is BEYOND me, how could you watch him hold back tears knowing you made him cry :(
  • It's good to see Leon back :)
  • When Merlin found the Mandrake root, I thought it was just a sweet little thing that he was taking care of the King even though it would be easier for him if he were dead
  • The first vision Uther had made me jump! It freaked me out! Though it's cool to see that Igraine is back for something lol
  • I can't get over how awesome Arthur's fighting skills are
  • I love the woods... dumb but true
  • I LOVED the Bucket/Cloth scene LOL Merlin soooo should have seen that coming, Arthur should write a "How to for Dollophead's & Clotpoles" book
  • I will end on this note: I LOVE MERLIN AND ARTHUR they are adorable, can't get enough... I love them equally but those shirtless scenes are always ... wow
All around AWESOME episode to start of season 3, I will try an post my thoughts on part 2 tomorrow but I have school and I'm trying to get my permit so we'll see how that goes, so until then don't be a Clotpole :?