Monday, February 27, 2012

Where is a gif of Fred Flintstone yelling in pain when you need it????!!!

what happened was I got out of bed not the normal way and then I tripped on my gamechair and smashed my knee into the metal part of my bed then fell to the floor like ‘MOTHER OF SWEAR WORD!’ and I laid in the fetal position cradling my war wound, no my family has no sympathy for the wounded and my mother came in and I told her what happened, and she was like ‘Ouch… your school works waiting’ and my brother was like ‘If you squeeze it it will feel better’ and I was like ‘YOU ARE AN INSANE CHILD!!! THE PAIN IS TOO MUCH!’ 

I took some pills and now I’m good, though I’m pretty sure my wound is just sleeping, lying in wait to attack me with pain… this will most likely happen when I go to shower.

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