Monday, April 30, 2012


just realized that was James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter in that Supernatural episode not to long ago. Talk about AU Crossover

I guess that's cause I hadn't seen any Buffy when that episode aired, but I knew he was John Heart from Torchwood!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm at the last episode of Gilmore Girls...

I don't want it to be over... I mean Luke and Lorelai should have never broken up everything just fell to crap for them after that, she should have never gone to Chris ever in a billion years. Luke and Lorelai should be married, end of discussion.
It can't end there are too many loose strings and I don't want to cry
I want Rory to be with Logan but I totally get her side... I just... I mean come on look at him how could anyone say no to him?

Just realized why Riley from BTVS looked so familiar to me

He was Jeremy Preswick in Castle!!!
and in Castle his house had this wicked sweet bookshelf! When I get my own place I'm going to get my dad to make this but more like the one he had (bottom pic) where it's like a wall

Buffy again

LOL Jonathan is back in this episode with the other dorky guys. I saw him and said Doyle!! Cause I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls 
image title
I find him funnier in Gilmore Girls but that one Buffy episode that was all about him was so funny 
image title 
I also just realized the irony in Rory asking Paris 
image title 
when Danny Strong/Doyle/Jonathan is in Buffy and Paris ends up with him LOL ignore me while I ramble
I was browsing bookshelves on google and found this

I want to go