Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Directing & DCI!

Hi guys it's been a while. So this month is Directing 1 and Digital Cinematography 1, I'm loving it. Four teachers, two classes, one lab in one month. It's almost over and then I'll be moving on to DCI 2 and Directing 2. My teachers are PERFECT, Kevin (my directing teacher) always has something interesting to say and I highly respect his opinion on projects. Disco, my other directing teacher, is a little harsh but really great... he reminds me of John Stamos... Anyway, for Directing we've done three videos and I realized I hadn't posted them yet so here they are, enjoy.

I'm working on a big project for DCI called Be Still And Breathe written by the grand Kenny Dean and directed by the awesome Alex Edmunds. I'm only 2nd AC (I use the Slate and say "Scene 1A Take 1") but I'm having fun with it, I also get to help with casting this week end so hopefully I'll be in an above the line job for the next project. Lately I've been doing loads of editing for Directing class which is tiring. DCI teachers are so much fun, we have the coldest room so I'm going to bring a snuggie tomorrow to class, Emily won't mind and Drew will probably want one or turn the AC off! Oh! Emily (DCI teacher) gave me a list of movies to watch and as I watch them I'm going to try and post my reactions like I used to. I just watched Die Hard and Fight Club but I'll rewatch those before I post about them. This was another video I never got to post here, it was our final project for Lighting 2

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